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Hm…. problem….

  • before. It happened to me when I had a persistent logon. If you go to your “My account” page and scroll down, you could see a message something like “you have one persistent logon etc,” . If this message is there, clear the persistent logon and log back in and you should be good to go. I couldnt even edit my profile or track threads with the persistent logon not cleared.

    Hope this helps…..

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    I thank you and kiss the ground upon which you stand.


    …..easy workaround. For any of the newest stuff, go to the front page of this site:

    Everything else can be found over on Here’s a shortcut that will bring up all of Scott’s titles (and a couple extras):


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    We’ve had this issue in a few spots and I can’ quite remember what the reason is. Looking into it now.

    Trying to spread the stank, I clicked on the audiobook link at the top. it redirected me to a page that stated I’m not authorized to view it…. Maybe this is known, but I wanted to make sure.

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