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His the series ends?

  • There is too much foreshadowing for him not to do something beyond football. Listening and reading again, things that didn’t make sense and were forgotten were definatley important later. Scott is the master of Chekov’s gun.

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    Scottsigler would that be OS1 or The Combine? Are you telling us that when Q slows the game down he is using the force?

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    @macmkaz: But only after he gets off his desert planet, has some adventures, and flies his fighter craft down a tiny trench on a gigundous space station.

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    In the end, Q will be a mentor to a new up and coming QB, like Don Pine was to Q in the Rookie…

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    There are only two ways that the series could end. It all depends on how Scott is feeling that week. Barnes can end up realizing there is more to life then football and retire before he ends up getting too hurt. He will use his past football experience with all the alien races to become a diplomat or some other position to better the galaxy. The other options is that he dies on the field from a skolorno or prawatt hit sparking the next galatic war.

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    The closer we get to the end of this series, the more I realize how much I’ll miss it once it’s over. I never really cared about any spectator sports until this series, and although I’ve learned a lot about the art of football, the NFL will never meet my expectations now.

    I don’t mean to seem emo about it; I just wanted to put it out there. I’m really going to miss this.

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    I think Quentin will figure out a way to bring the “League of Gangsters” down, as a way of getting revenge on Gredoc. Of course, the downfall of organized crime will leave a power vacuum. I think things will start to fall apart, and Quentin will realize that the crime lords actually served a purpose, and Q will have no choice but to take over that job himself.

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    @gorthain: Believe me, I’ve put considerable thought into moving Quentin to another team. It would be an incredibly dramatic moment and it would set up amazing tension when he leads that new team against Ionath.

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    He will win the GFL title , but as the starting QB for the Chillin SpiderBears in order to rub it into Gredock’s face he will run up the score against the Krackens. Of course I also think the Cubs will take the series this year( and when they do Sigler will read this and take thi as the ending)

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    Q is being groomed for politics and will take over as commisioner of the GFL. He will than run the Kredarakians out of town in the next series- The Comissioner, then The Governor, And raps it up with The Overlord. Jeez am I the only one Scott talks to?

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    Lots amd Lots of possibility’s but this being from the mind of the Dark Overlord I say Quintin die’s a horific painful death on the field.

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    or….. he gets addicted to “Sleepy” or some form of meth for a few years, goes bat-shit crazy, develops a severe case of tourettes and a mild limp, calls himself Barnaby the pirate…Barnaby and now it would seem not so Crazy George starcher start up a very profitable but highly illegal business partnership, running a massive sklorno sex trade primarily using members from the huge following of the church of Quentin Barnes. they both become rather wealthy for a time and major players in the galactic underworld until the kreterakians find out and put a bounty on both of their heads. Qunetin goes into hiding only to turn up nearly a decade later in the form of a DNA matched to a John Doe found dead in an alley on Gritchlik of the Quyth concordia over an apparent juniper berry argument with several Quyth workers. This is just the short version of course….

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    Guess Quentin will become a political Figurehead after he gets injured and cant play on.

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    I see it ending with QB getting seriously injured then pulling off a “MJ playing with the flu” legendary performance to win his last Galaxy Bowl before he retires.

    And it somehow wraps up with him living happily ever after with a wife and kids.

    And the Cretarakian empire collapses and all those worlds become free.

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    Personally, I want to see the entire series end with the following line:

    “My name is Quentin Barnes, and you are all now my property.”

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    He’ll become a religious leader on one of the Sklorno planets.

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    I think the book has given hints to QB’s possible future political career and with his absolute love of football wouldnt you say he might have a place in line as the next GFL commisioner? If anyone could finally release the stranglehold the gangsters currently have on the purity of the sport, it would be Quentin Barnes.

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    I don’t believe he will be killed on the field. I see it ending with him on top, winning his 3rd or 4th GFL title. Then their will be an Epologue where Sigler shows QB as an old man, raising his son/daugter to be the next football star and him being inducted into the Hall of Fame or some crap. He will also destroy Gredok the Splithead and make him pay….

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    This might be an old topic, but how do you see this series ending? The only way I can logically see it ending is with Barnes getting killed on the field.

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