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Hey Amazone — WTF??

  • I had to take them when he handed them to me…. mmmmmmm nommy!



    LOL, today’s captcha: "66th Maggot".  Niiice.

    go and reorder. they won’t ding you for it. I agree they put too much crap in the e-mail, that one tends to not get to the end of the e-mail where it says click here. especialy us junkies who tend to be dist—, Oh check it out a cute little bunny carrying something shiny.



    several e-mails that said it was going to be delayed and at the end of the e-mails there was a link where you were supposed to click and OK the delay.  If you didn’t do that, they cancelled the order.

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    Just got this from Amazon today —

    Hello from

    We’re sorry to report that we have cancelled the item from the order you placed on July 01 2009 (Order# 105-8309482-9285064):

     Scott Sigler "Ancestor: A Novel"

    Said something about that I was supposed to approve a delay, how can I approve?  They kept sending emails saying its going to be delayed, never asked me to approve it?  WTF?


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