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Here's YOUR Chance!

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    Well, we were silent to show the silence and oppresion these people face. And it was really cool at my school because all of us participating sat around the flag and were dead silent. And when people came over they were silent too (or we kicked them out). It made a real impact. 

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    We had special papers explaining everything. Who we were doing it on memory of this year, why we were silent, everything. 

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    I’m a heterosexual… or should I say no-sexual female who is the president of the GLBT orginazation at my company’s local chapter of LEAGUE.  We attended the school board meeting of a local high school where a 16 year old was sent home for wearing a girls shirt and was expelled for 3 days.  The mother of the child was not a member of LEAGUE at that time, but works at at&t, and has joined, but she came to me and asked that we attend.  We had 65 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (trust me theres is NOTHING like a 6’4" partially transgendered person to draw attention) people show up in that podunk Tennessee school board meeting where I was allowed to give a 3 minute, well I’ll call it a testimony where I sited the Constitution and the CFR and Code of Tennesee regarding education, passing out handouts of the passages to all board members.  (I can do my homework)  The school board resended and allowed the child to make up all work and are reviewing (and this does piss me off) the "special needs students".  Special needs, since when is respect special needs????  Lord get me off my soap box.

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    Speak out for injustice, Speak out for equality, speak out for any Positive change, Speak out to share and bond and empathize.  People can learn when there is a conversation… not speaking might bring attention  but it does not inform.  and what the world needs is information.  
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    I’m gonna tell everyone I know about your cause.

    "We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it"!

    I support any day where you don’t have to listen to a bunch of homers talk about their equal rights

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    -Battle of Flowers Parade, city shuts down, it’s like a street party for the whole city

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    My school just had one of these(DIFFERENT CAUSE) but it was not effective.  The fliers are a good idea.  just make sure you explain it well and ignore the haters
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    This Friday (April 25th) is, once again, a Day Of Silence. Don’t talk for a whole day to show your support to the gays, lesbians, bis, and other-sexualities-I-don’t-even-know-exist – that you don’t support the oppression that they are suffering.
    My friend keeps telling me it’s specifically for students, but these people aren’t just oppressed in school, so…

    I really hope at least some of you will be taking part!

    And BTW; if you’re not, I don’t need excuses. Last year about half of us doing this – that I know of – had a presentation. A few friends of mine – and me – wrote what we had to say down and had someone read it. A few of my other friends even failed because they refused to speak. Even my bff, who must incessantly talk, managed to get through the whole day without talking – even with people trying all day to get her to talk. And I even had a few things after school that day. There are ways to communicate besides talking!
    And not trying to snap at anyone with the above, just tired of people giving me stupid excuses. If you don’t want to do it, or don’t feel you can pull it off…that’s your thing. I don’t care. Really, I won’t judge you. (Unless you go on a rant of how gays and such should burn at stake).

    Also there is an official paper typed up explaining why you’re not talking, meant for you to take around and show people the reason for your silence. I don’t have it yet, but I will try to get it to you guys!

    Also – it’d be great if you guys could get the word out to others. I live in a kind of secluded place and even though my school is pretty small not many people know of it – which is why I’m going on a mini-crusade to get the word out to people. Even though it’s kind of late – only learned today that it was this Friday.


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