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Here's the first gen of what may become silverbugs…

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    even the music was well done. Runaway watch out!

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    fuck a duck man…. holy shit…

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    I need one (or a dozen) of these! I’m going to scatter these babies around the office…

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    These things just get more and more life-like in their movements. Seems like the days of the twitchy, one-motion at a time ‘bots are a thing of the past. However, if the Terminator had a night out on the town and hooked up with a cyborg ho, this is what his mecha-crabs would look like.

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    Are you developing this further?

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    Actually, this reminds me both of what could be the first step towards silverbugs, and the short story "Eusocial Networking". This robot is pretty cool, although I wish it didn’t do so much bumping and grinding, and more crushing and slicing. Maybe the attack version is next. Ah, well.

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