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Help eliminate some INFECTIONS

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    Checked with the chief crack dealer and was originally told I could make a sound bite that he’d consider for inclusion in one of the releases, but I’m not equipped for making something like that type of production.

    If any of you junkies (OJs or newbies alike) can help lend a hand trying to help eliminate or find a cure for a pair of  infections that do things that could even give the puppy killer nightmares, I’d really appreciate it!  I’ve taken up a cause to help fund the research to find a cure for Diabetes Mellitus and Multiple Sclerosis. If any of you other junkies can spare a few bucks to help try and find a cure or short of that try to make it easier for those that do have either of these, PLEASE click on one or more of the links below. 

    Venice, FL –
    Jacksonville, FL –
    Indy 100 –Indianapolis Motor Speedway –
    BikeMS Cyprus Garden>Orlando and back-

     Thanks – Every buck of those earned this way gets turned in directly to the American Diabetes Association and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for their research funding, so please help as you can.  

    Just another Junkie…working for a cause…If any of you other Junkies care to ride along – give a shout!Cool


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