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Having Grown Up in San Fran and Lived on 26th and Church

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    ……be better placed in the “ask Scott” section unless your intent is to get feedback on these points from all of the Junkies.

    Personally, I feel absolutely unqualified to address any of your points. And I would say that I’m at least a reasonably qualified Junkie.



    A life vacant of laughter is not worth exerting the effort it takes to live it.

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    Listening to Nocturnal and I am not offended and I aint no pussy. the BOOK KICKS ASS and I love it. However, after listening to Earthcore, the infected series, and now this, I have a few complaints, and none relate even remotely to the quality of the voices, which I find to be good. (having listeneed to over 90 books in the last 26 months, I gotta say I am kinda a snobbish expert….) With all the monster descriptions it brings back pleasant memories of shopping at the safeway on Market and eating a burger at Burgermeister!


    NOONE who is a native in san francisco ever uses the following terms or makes the following maneuvers:

    “bust my balls”

    fist pumping/butting or whatever that stupid fist hitting thing from evil New Jersey is.

    When I moved to the east coast 5 yrs ago I didn’t even understand these two things and have NEVER heard or seen them in San Fran. In fact, were I to even use the term or the fist abomination with my friends I would get my ass kicked.

    However, it is true that the native san fracniscan (actually from the peninsula) would look at Al Gore as a whore to the greenies.

    Also, it is not pronounced “Porrrrtrero” it is pronounced “Potrero”

    It is 3rd street he describes in the podcast NOT 3rd Ave = 3rd Ave is in the Sunset and he was describing an area down south of the park on the bay.

    Finally, they are not freakin CLIPS dude, they are MAGAZINES! As a native californian gun nut I should know.

    Other than that, I love it and when is the movie coming out?

    Oh yeah, why no chicken scissiors in the caves? it would be nice…


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