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Has anyone read the iPublish (2001) edition of Earthcore?

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    HA! Love it!

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    Earthcore was another surprise for me. I personally find Geology to be perhaps the most boring subject ever created. But add in some homocidal jellyfish and mechanical spider and we’re talking a good time!

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    I remember hearing him say that his first pass to a publisher or editor or something said that he needed to trim it down, and he ended up eliminating a bunch of scene with the merc out in the desert surreptitiously surveying the camp, or something like that. It was discussed somewhere, but I can’t remember where. :S

    That’s cool if you ended up with one!


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    eBooks were around in 2001. Most were designed to be read on the computer.

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    Weighs a little more than THE ROOKIE hardcover does.

    I’m not sure, but I don’t think they were doing eBooks in 2001, were they?


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ebook format?

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I saw a couple on Amazon a little while ago and wasn’t sure if it was a legitimate printing, ARC, or what. It seemed quite odd. It was printed several years before the Dragon Moon edition and listed at 617 pages. That’s nearly twice as long as the edition from Dragon Moon. I’d never seen this printing so I decided to investigate.


I asked Scott about it and he told me “Yeah, it’s legit, but good luck finding one.” He said that there’s quite a bit more story in this edition. I can’t wait to read the expanded story arc. No idea if it got totally changed or what. I’m curious if anyone else has ever seen one of these IRL or for sale online.

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