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Has anybody else watched The Beast on A&E?

  • It was just on at 11 Eastern. It’ll be shown again at 3 AM, 11PM on Tuesday, 3 AM on Wednesday and 2 PM next Sunday. Plenty of chances to watch or times to record it.


    He’s been working 12 hours days on the set from what I’ve read. That’s dedication to your craft/craziness. I hope he can continue with it. It looks like it’ll be a great show.

    But hope to catch another or a rebroadcast. I have seen the teasers and it looks great. I hope he can stay well enough to go through with the series. He just got out of the hospital with pneumonia today after a week long stay.

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

    I enjoyed the hell out of the first episode. I can’t believe that’s the same Patrick Swayze who was in Dirty Dancing, but I CAN believe that it’s the same one who was in Red Dawn.

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