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Harrah Movement

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    Yeah, I’ve always thought of the Harrah being shaped like a Manta Ray as well but for them to be able to fly and be so maneuverable it seems like their wings would need to be less dense than that of a Manta Ray.

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    Wow, nature is awesome. I second Belladonna’s comment

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    That was my thought too. Manta rays/Sting rays jumped right to the front of my imagination.

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    I had no idea there was such a thing as the blanket octopus! It’s beautiful! But I always pictured manta rays when thinking of the Harrah.

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    Gmork, this is awesome! Definitely makes me think of the Harrah.

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    I sometimes struggle with visualizing some of the movements of the sentients in the GFL Universe.

    Fan depictions (drawings and such) help a ton and when I saw this video of a Blanket Octopus, I could help but think of the movements of the Harrah. I would be interested to know if this is how Scott visualized them as well… except with the moving-in-air thing instead of the floating-in-water-thing. Thoughts?

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