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H5N1 Infection, Lack Of Chicken Wings, And Superbowl Sunday

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        We have all the chickens we need. They are all free range, healthy, and we even live close to the atomic power plant, where that leaky water pipe there gives us all the water the chickens need. They costs us nothing to raise. And the Agents at the plant assured us that this water would would keep them chickens free of the Bird Flu too. So we are going to start our own chicken wing franchise business.
       You can’t believe how darn big those chickens are growing now, and we have discovered a great new motto for our business… " All our chickens have eight wings!"  How about that, and it’s true!
        The only thing is, they also have fangs and are darn fond of chasing down and eating the cats and dogs lately!
    Come to think of it, I haven’t seen my little boy, Clem, since I sent him out to water them chickens.

    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

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    This is a plot by Big Chicken to drive chicken prices up.


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    Interesting sequence of events… possible novel, possible real world situation…

    Some interesting Facts

    • Texas Poultry Farm goes under, chicken cost rise not hugely but enough.
    • Buffalo New York, could be argued to be the Chicken Wing Capital of the US has a serious shortage of Chicken Wings costs almost double.
    • A few farms close to the US border in BC Canada get tagged for Avian Bird Flu H5N1 many birds have to be culled good or not just in case.
    • We have a society that thrives on Capitalism, maybe some birds don’t get culled, maybe they are sold in places where they might not care because the profits are just too good to pass up?
    • Feb 1st is Superbowl Sunday, a HUGE Chicken Wing day if there ever is one, down at the bar watching the game with your buddies, bought by smaller outfits trying to save a few bucks make ends meet in these hard economic time.

    Hmmm?  Not as interesting as a Sigler novel but something that shares the same sort of themes me thinks. Total speculation mind you, but ya know very very possible at the same time.


    PPS Current Human Mortality due to H5N1 Bird Flu is around 63%… ie more than half of all cases where a human caught this strain of influenza, died.  This is ‘worldwide’ statistics mind you, places like Inodnesia and Vietnam having 100% of cases dying skewing the numbers, but still its a incredibly higher percentage mortality than the standard call in sick to work flu virus we all have come to know.

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