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Guest voice credits; Contest prize idea

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    Bunch a piss-ants… lazy is having less than 5K crack hits… I earned my laziness!  Damn it!!!!!

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    The only reason your post shows up as earlier is due to the time zone warp factor we’ve experienced previously. I contend that I actually posted first, but it really makes no difference one way or another. If it matters that much to you, I’ll concede the point.

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    for the quality the evile one can invite the winner to the closet of doom  

    Things go wrong and that is how we learn

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    Dude, go take a nap. Twowire is a solid lap ahead of you. Solid. Lap.

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    in this thread are more deserving of an answer to the questions us lazy Junkies were asking in the previous thread. This lazy Junkie did happen to post a thread a mere 11 min’s prior to yours asking about the female voice talents in Scotts podcasts? So nah, nah! :p 🙂 hee hee! (and yes I am a goob)

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      I’m asking this on behalf of all Junkiedom. Okay, mostly the wankers over in another thread who were either too lazy or stupid to do it themselves. But they’ve managed to pique my curiousity. Do you have a list of all the non-Sigler voices who have appeared in a guest capacity within your work?

      If not, would you compile one please? Or have Mae do it, I know you’re ridiculously busy what with writing and planning world domination and all. Isn’t that what personal assistants are for? She was actually mentioned as a likely candidate for being one of the guest voices, but I want it straight from you. All this speculation is getting tiresome.

      Oh, and if you haven’t thought of it yet, offering up the chance to do guest roles or story so fars would be an awesome prize for a contest if you have any of those coming up. I do suggest that you make sure to mandate the winner’s ability to produce quality audio, however. It sounds really trashy when a top notch ‘caster mixes inferior sound with their own. But I’m sure your omniscience knew that already 😉

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