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Groom's Walk (from 2014 podcast, Episode 32)

  • I don’t think it’s all that bad a section, but I knew what was coming from the original.
    I’m halfway through #38 and it’s harder, but that’s mostly because I have kids now and didn’t when the original came out.

    I think people are mentioning Patrick Warburton for Brian because that’s exactly who comes to mind whenever Phil does Brian’s voice. Every time he talked I got a mental image of a raging Brock Sampson. Also Kronk, but I couldn’t picture him raging.

    @whiteone: I hope to bring Chuckles Mulrooney back someday. Of course, I hope to bring a lot of people back and never seem to get to them.

    Yeti: I’m afraid Patrick Warburton is too old for the role. Bryan Clauser is going to have to do a lot of action, hopefully even do the actual close-in fighting stunts. Hoping for someone younger to fit the age of the character as I wrote him.

    oh do a cross over with chuckles maldoone being eaten by maries children and him tasting funny. could not resist…
    now on topic it just helped to repulse people and show how repulsive mommy has become. still an awsom book /podcast.

    listened to epp 46 on the way to work this morning

    I’m hearing you with the dude from Dexter as Pookie Chang (Pooky rocks man)

    I’m seeing Patrick Warburton as Bri Bri, I have no idea who could be BMB though 🙁

    I think Mommy is a feeder, and the likes of first born are enablers.

    @axios: Now that is a compliment that lands near and dear to my heart.

    @shipherd: He’s a douchebag, that Alex is. We’ve all known asshats like him: power corrupts, especially at a young age. Still, that’s a hard way for anyone to go.

    Alex Panos is probably one of the most unsympathetic characters in the history of literature, yet still I found myself feeling bad for the guy…that’s how horrible it was, even though this is my 3rd time through on this story

    Loved this chapter in the hard cover, loving the podcast, the fate of Alex is up there with the new Evildead for disturbing horror.

    “Ah dessert … chilled monkey brains”.
    Indie saving short round from the fated grooms walk.

    “Taint-ripping wedgie”. That’s awe inspiring use of the language right there. My hat’s off to you sir. Now I must find some way of working that into polite conversation. Oh, wait, I’m in the army. Too easy.

    I aim to please, sir.

    @athanas: “Taint-ripping wedgie.” My new favorite phrase.

    @bigjohn: Hey, brains were good enough for Indy in TEMPLE OF DOOM.

    Honestly, it’s one of the best parts of the book in my opinion.
    The build up lets your mind come up with some nice mental nasties and then the reveal comes, hammers you with a taint ripping wedgie, and lets you know your best guesses are still a loooooong way from the majors.

    After that, you KNOW shit just got real for Aggie.

    My only concern is one for Mommy’s overall health. She obviously has some weight problems to begin with. And, unfortunately, brains are very, very high in cholesterol. So feeding them to Mommy doesn’t seem like a very healthy thing to do.

    Your friendly Future Dark Øverlord, here. People seemed to dig (and by “dig,” I mean “cringe at”) this episode way back when in the original podcast, and also in the hardcover. What are your thoughts for Episode 31 & 32, Mommy’s taking of a groom and then the Groom’s Walk? Too far? Too gross?


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