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Greg Bear?

  • I happened on Scott by luck alone, and ah luv heem.


    That’s why I’m so bummed I couldn’t make it to Dragon Con!!  For as long as I have been fangirling for Siggy I hadn’t heard Greg Bear was an influence.  Very cool thread!

    I am in awe of your powers of deception, truly.

    There were several. First, that I had lost my ticket. Then they had a list, so I said I had to be on the list, because I was president of the Greg Bear Fan Club, Michigan Chapter. Then they said they were full, and I, of course, told them the only reason I had spent three days on a bus was to come talk to Mister Bear. So three rapid-fire lies got me in! And it was well worth it — that man is just amazing.

    That is awesome. What lie did you tell? I’m over here taking notes.

    Forgot to mention that one, but never read it.

    I’ve seen Greg a few times, and the only fan-boy con moment I had was lying to convention staff to connive my way into a Greg Bear "coffee klatch." Got to sit down at a table with him and about 10 other fans. Blood music was the bomb, but it totally lost me near the end — the whole concept of reality being modified based on how many sentient beings perceive that reality? But everything before that gave me a science nippy hard-on.  I also read DARWIN’S RADIO and thought that was the good cheese, and THE FORGE OF GOD which I wasn’t that crazy about. However, it’s seeing him speak to an audience that had the biggest impact on me. His "pessimistic reality" was like a major connection to my 20-something aspiring writer self.

    So, Greg Bear, major influence. He is made of the good cheese.

    So I just came back from Dragon*Con, and Scott, you really hit me with your intellectually-based pessimism. I’m sort of fangirling. What really got me going was the concept of Infected and the fact that it’s like Blood Music without being derivative. Is Greg Bear an influence?

    Also, King’s Cell? Source of inspiration or "WTF, over"?

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