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Gredok and the missing Touchback

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    That sounds reasonable – particularly your point re Froese and the Tier Two team.
    As always I bow to my FDO 🙂
    Now to continue the wait for Book V…

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    @BeerWill: Good points, lemme address.

    No insurance company in the world (or galaxy, for that matter), is going to pay out after a week. Or a month. Insurance companies are vampires, and will not pay out — for anything over a few thousand bucks — without taking them to court and forcing them to live up to their contractual obligations. So, Gredok wouldn’t be seeing a payoff from that for many months, at the earliest, and he would need to present some proof of destruction, most likely (something that works just fine all over the galaxy save for the Portath Cloud). No boom-boom signal, no payout.

    As for the Commissioner, it’s in the book that he’s planning on bumping up a team from Tier Two to replace the Krakens. This isn’t the first time the league has lost a ship. Froese doesn’t screw around: games get played as-scheduled, season goes on as-scheduled.

    Finally, you don’t get to see what’s going on off-camera (away from Quentin and the gang). You’re with them. There’s lots happening around the galaxy in regards to the vanished ship, as evidenced by a freakin’ war almost breaking out because of it.

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    I just listened to all the GFL books again (trying to reduce my jonesing for Book V), and was reminded of something that occurred to me the first time I heard the book:

    When the Touchback is in Prawatt space, wouldn’t everyone assumes they are dead, at least after a week or so? So then surely Gredok would be (a) getting all the insurance money he can, and (b) rebuilding the team from scratch. Plus wouldn’t the Commissioner be apoplectic about there being a missing team and the new season coming up?

    It always seemed a bit strange that after such a long absence no-one seems to have planned for anything other than them coming back. Was this just much detail for the FDO to go into or was he focussing so much on the (awesome) story of The Game and Prawatt life that he didn’t even think about it?

    Just scratching my itch,

    \ / \ / i L L

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