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Great book….been listening each night. I listened to the ancestor podcast first.

  • I have been cutting up frogs, cats and snakes all year long.  I am ready for some gruesome action. lol

    I am proud of the USA, I believe Christ died for our sins, I am an avid hunter, fisherman, gun enthusiast, athlete and hardcore Scott Sigler fan! 

    Love your books and listen every night. 

    I’ll leave the website on the board Monday.  This will be the last week of school before summer begins!  Hooray! 

    Otherwise I might act out in a way that Mr. Sigler would enjoy writing about. lol

    leave the website on your blackboard. but don’t tell them what it is.


    I AM not just junkie, I AM a pusher man & I AM Sadocks Tangent Brother.

    Be sure to listen to The Rookie soon after.  I’m just sayin.

    I mean, how can a bio teacher not like a discussion about punnet squares in a sci-fi/horror story? Smile

    to Nocturnal then!!!  Awesome podcast!

    "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." – Goethe

     to the greatness that is Siglerisim. It truely is only a matter of time before the plaid tanks start to roll…Oh and p.s. Ancestor was my first listen of his too, it’s a really good way to start.

     "So do you guys have Battletoads..?"

    I found your "Ancestor" podcast and listened. Very cool.  I am a biology and history teacher. I’ve read a lot of Dean Koontz stuff and I think you are another one of those authors!  I’ll probably end up reading everything you write.  Glad your gal is getting better from surgery. 

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