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Got a pet name? Tell us were it comes from!

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    I have a black cat named Bibigon.

    The name comes from the soviet animation character who claimed that after swimming in the Balck Sea he was blacker that the beetle (actually he fell into the ink pot).

    Damn, those soviet cartoons were good. Still are.

    The translation is not always accurate though: for axample it says ‘coal nigger’ instead of the ‘beetle’. 😉

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    We currently have 2 pets. We have a cat. his name is “Random Havoc” – you do the math.

    The new dog – We lost poor Midnight last year to a nasty desease. He lasted all of 10 days. The new dog is “Mystic Enigma Dances With Cats” – Puzzle. Why, well Mystic is a family thing. Enigma is a puzzle – his coloration is like a jigsaw puzzle. And he tends to dance on his hind legs – mostly when playing, even with the cat.

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    Well I named my cat Aldo Raine from inglorious bastards, partly because i wanted him to be cool as shit and partly because i had just watched that movie for the thousandth time and it was either going to be aldo or Bear-Jew….over the past few years he turned out to be nothing like Aldo Raine (doesnt even speak italian)he’s actually more of an annoying, neurotic, weirdo…If i could name him again im thinking Woody Allen…

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    We had a cat named Coffee. We lost him a few months ago. He loved Coffee. He would drink it any time he got the chance.

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    I’m in a dorm over the school year with no pets allowed, but during the summer I live with one of my friends and her cat. The cat is called Rio, he’s not the brightest so we usually call him Derp or Derpykitty.

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    My Roommate has a black cat. I call him “Spawn” as in “You evil spawn of Satan!” It suits him well, I think.Laughing

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    I have two dogs. One is named SaM and he is a mutant English Springer Spaniel. By that I mean the usual breed specifications are 40 – 60lbs., 18 – 22 inches from tail to start of neck and SaM is well odd. He is 85Lbs., pure muscle mind you, and 29 inches from tail to base of neck. His parents where both pure breeds and so where their parents. He is just enourmous. His name was just random, but the other dog’s name is: SaM’s Club English Spaghetti Diablo SaM’s Club of course for Sam, English because of the country heritage, Spachetti because that is his name, and diablo because he is a mean little bastard. So let’s here the rest of you guys pets. This is a non-denominational pet forum so all pet types allowed. Can’t wait to read them.

    WeS Hendrix

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