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Goreline call in Tech question for you

  •  Some of them let you re-record, which is super cool for those who don’t have the ability to do MP3s.

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    Because recording an audio file mean you can fix your goof-ups, which is impossible to do when you’re calling in on a voicemail line.


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     Good call on the effects. Can’t tell you how many people do NOT know what the frak their doing. Unless you’re positive you know what you’re doing, record a cappela.

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    If you can, an MP3 is better…  better quality for one.  If you do send an MP3, you don’t have to send it with ultra high quality…  

     Try this:

    Bit Rate: 128 kbps
    Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
    Stereo Mode/Channel: Joint Stereo

    That’s what they use for specs over at podiobooks, and it’ll be fine for here… 

    So have at it junkies!!! Just don’t go overboard and record 20 minutes of crap!  keep it about the same length as your phone call would have been.  And unless you really (and I mean really) know what your doing with effects, avoid them.  Nothing would suck worse then having to listen to soem incomprehensible garbage cause your reverb/gverb/or whateever verb is off…

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      For those of us with recording gear, which is easier for you: us calling the Gore line directly, or us sending you an MP3 direct to your email? I’m not sure if you’re doing the splicing yourself and, if so, having the audio files would make things easier or be more of a pain in the ass.

      You’ve never actually mentioned it, but I know there are quite a few podcasters (eg Barbara J) who have the capability to send in MP3s if you can handle them. It would definitely improve the sound quality (on those calls) if you can. You know me, always thinking, and a total audiophile.

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