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Gordo and Alphonse in full length novel?

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    That dude was a total freak..but was very interesting.. Honestly I would perfer you continue with the story about the felons that get marked on the face with tattoos..

    Crank up the volume, get off the babysitter and if your easily offended then turn it off now p*ssy!

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    …that it would be a hell of a lot more enjoyable than that other "Code" book. 😛 

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    Hi Signet,

    I have just finished listening to ‘Sacred Cow’, and I’ve got to say, there is a lot more life left in the adventures of of the former Father Alphonse Rodriegez, (presumably he leaves the church after Gordo’s relevation) and ‘Gordo’ Gordon… perhaps a thriller where they have to keep one step ahead of a corrupt Vatican run by p-wave eating aliens? Perhaps they go on an oddessy accross the world, driven out of each place along the way due to the ramifications of ‘Gordo’s’ non thinking rants, or of his inventions, revealing truths people would rather not acknowledge, and all the time the former Father struggles with his conscience regarding whether his assistance to Gordo is a good or a bad thing.

    Full length novel please – call it ‘Da Gordo Code’ of something.

    I expect it with the year.

    Yours in unrealistic expectation,


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