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GoDaddy had been advising Congress on the Stop Online Piracy Act

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    I find it interesting that the interwebs is concentrating on GoDaddy’s support of SOPA. There are several corporations / companies such as Comcast and Major League Baseball that were also on that list of supporters, yet the outrage seems to be geared only towards GoDaddy.

    Chris Pirillo has an excellent article calling out this phenomenon and also listing all of the corporations supporting SOPA. You can read it here.
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    I am against SOPA.

    That, however, does not mean I’m going to join a knee-jerk boycott against a company that doesn’t have the same beliefs I do. People have the right to support or oppose legislation as they see fit, including the people who work at GoDaddy.
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    GoDaddy had been advising Congress on the Stop Online Piracy Act, or
    SOPA, which faces opposition from tech giants including Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

    This week Paul Graham, a well-known Silicon Valley veteran, urged his
    tech following to cut business ties with companies that support SOPA,
    like GoDaddy.

    So where do you stand Scott?

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