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Giving away Good Books, getting Good Karma in return – thanks Scott!

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    Let’s see what kind of tree grows from this seed…


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    Read a little bit (I’m supposed to be working) and it seems like just the thing to help motivate our 12-year-old. I haven’t finished reading, but it looks safe for all ages so far.
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    Very cool idea, looking forward to the book. Thanks!!
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    I read Scott’s excellent guest post over at Joe Konrath’s blog, and I commented and made an offer to Joe’s readers – and Scott was kind enough to email me and suggest I repost it over here.

    By way of introduction, I write and illustrate a YA series called The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica for Simon & Schuster. My roots, however, were in self-publishing in comics – which is why Scott’s story resonated so strongly with me.

    I’m an old-school print guy – I came out of a family of printers and artists, and when I started self-publishing in the comics field, part of my anchor wasn’t just the $2.95 comics – it was the $100 limited edition, slipcased hardcovers that I sold to my core fans.

    I have two books to go in my current series with S&S – but being true to my roots, I’m concurrently self-publishing other work as ebooks. I’m about to release – at $2.99 – a short story collection with a preview of a new Urban Fantasy series of novels, which will be published MONTHLY. And I’ve already released – to excellent reviews – a $4.99 nonfiction book called DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power Of Choice, which is based n the live presentation I do about how it only took a quarter-century to achieve overnight success as an author.

    If Joe and Scott will allow me, I’d like to loop in the readers here to an offer I made last night – I think it will be especially helpful to aspiring writers and self-publishers. I call it ‎24 Hours of Good Karma. Send someone you care about – anyone, friend, family, or colleague – a note telling them why you think they would like DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS, and give them my email address (or you are more than welcome to simply request a copy yourself). If they send a note to me with “24 Hours of Good Karma” in the subject line before 7:30 (correction: I’ve extended the deadline to MIDNIGHT Pacific Time!!) Tuesday, I’ll send them the pdf version of the book for free. This offer is open to anyone and everyone who chooses to take advantage of it.

    If you’re hesitant, simply cruise over to Amazon and take a look at the reviews. And if you take me up on this an enjoy the book, thank Joe Konrath and especially Scott – his is the sort of story that keeps the creative fire going, and I for one am grateful he chose to share it.

    Send the requests to

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