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Giving away (2) hardcovers of ALIVE

  • @sadock Taylor Trotter.

    You can read a book whilst riding a Harley, @caret28? That’s gotta take some mad skills….

    I am from down state, a troll, lol… fudgie.. if you will.. i am in Trenton, Mi. Grew up in Dearborn. As a matter of fact , my boyfriend and I were just in Black Lake near Cheboygan, I believe that’s your stomping grounds right? We took a Harley trip up there, then to Whitefish point, the Soo Locks and then back down the Black Lake. The best part, he drove the Harley while I rode on the back and read a Scott Sigler novel… that’s how to travel in style!

    Hi. Its caret28. … Cari

    I’m glad to report we have a little more interest now. Between here & the Facebook group, we’re now up to (6) entrants, (3) from each location. I’ll give it another week and see how many we’re up to then. At present, here’s who I’ve got in the hat:

    Junkies from (please give me your real names ASAP):

    1 – @caret28
    2 – @veniteo
    3 – @raybould_ben (nominated by a friend)

    Junkies from the Facebook Group:

    1 – Dan Lee (nominated by a friend)
    2 – Geordon VanTassle
    3 – Boyn Dean

    If I’m missing anyone, or if you do not want to be in this drawing (especially @raybould_ben & Dan Lee) please let me know immediately and I’ll make the appropriate adjustment.

    @caret28: Thank you! So happy I can help make your workday a little better. Where are you from in MI?

    Hey there Scott. I am new to your greatness! I am a truck driver, so i listen all day everyday that I am driving. I was so excited to discover you are from Michigan as I also hail from this great mitten state. I absolutely love your work it keeps me entertained and keeps my mind off wanting to kill the morons driving in front of me, apparently they don’t realize that I am a female driving a fuel hauler… anyway keep up the great work , and thanks a lot!!! 😊 oh yeah, the hardcover would be nice too.

    Im interested, i would be on hard times, as you say. (US Citizen, but poor xD)

    As little interest as there’s been, I’m kewl letting any foreign Junkies who want a personalized copy enter. I’m undecided about Junkies in the continental 48 US who already have a copy. Let’s see if we can get a fair pool of European & Canadian interest before 7/24/2015 & I’ll decide then.

    Hi Junkies,

    I ordered too many hardcovers and so I’m looking to give a couple away. Ideally, I’d like to give them to folks who don’t live in the United States. Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, or Antarctica would be ideal, but I’m not sure how many Junkies we have outside of North America and Europe. From what I can tell, most European residents are getting the same book we in the US are this time, so I’d like to send it to someone who can’t get their own.

    However, I posted about this in the Facebook group last week and got zero responses from those five continents. I got minimal response from the Facebook group when I opened things up a bit more (Europe, Alaska, Mexico, Northern Canada, & Hawaii). Now it’s as open as I’m going to make it. Here’s how things stand now: Anyone who’s been a Junkie for a while, supported Siglerism in the past, but for whatever reason has come upon hard times and was not able to get a hardcover of ALIVE, feel free to ‘enter’ this giveaway. Basically, now it’s open to all Junkies who couldn’t order a copy for themselves.

    It’ll be your choice on when I send the book to you. Early August if you want to read it sooner or late October if you want it signed/personalized by Scott. I’m operating under the assumption that I’ll be attending SiglerFest 2K15 in Las Vegas. If my second post-op goes poorly in August, I’d send it to you in late August. I’ll give folks until the end of July to enter and then I’ll randomly select someone.

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