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Give Crack Hits feature

  • It’s not working either when I’m giving this new guy The GrimReaver (just cause we have a last half of our usernames sound the same, you wouldn’t understand, it’s a Weever/Weaver thing haha)

    Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes

    but then it broke again…. Frown

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    But I get “Access Denied” when I tried to give Del some crack.
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    Neither of my kids will admit to borking it, it just got borked by itself,
    It’s a mystery


    Way to go Bubbah!!!

    (whispers) chicken scissors

    Faggity Shitter Shitter Dicker Pricker

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    I’ve never been able to get it to work. Hope it will eventually be fixable…


    I’ve been experimenting with the settings but had no luck so far, maybe the next update can bring some improvements. I’ll keep up updated as soon my datime job allows me to investigate this a little bit further.

    Right now I have to deal with some project aftermath at the office.



    from the first day i signed on, this feature hasn’t worked
    Murder at Avedon Hill –
    (You don’t want to disappoint the voices)

    Numbers are the keys that unlock the universe…

    Hmm… seems to be broken, I’ve never tried that before. I’ll look into the settings of the User Points Module which is responsible for this functionallty later this weekend. Either I figure out whats wrong with it, or the Feature will be gone for good untill the next Module-Update.



    The give crack hits feature doesn’t work. I don’t think it ever has worked. And because we are such a generous and giving community, I think we would like to be able to Give Crack Hits (also to gain crack hits from those generous folk).

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