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Give a Buck about Sigler

  • Ditto

    pay for my addiction??
    oh, ya right, i forgot, it’s an addiction, you’ll pay ANYTHING to get that next hit
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    This is the ultimate junkie guilt post. Time to pay up for all the free stuff you’ve been moochin’ up you free riding bastards!!!!

    I’m going to pre-order as soon as my credit cards are un-maxorized from stupid christmas…

    Ya know. Listening to Scott mention his recent works have been updated onto and him talk about someone asking to donate to him I had an idea.

    If you give a Buck about Scott and the joyous horror he has inflicted on us. Willing sicko’s that we are…

    First pre-order Infected from Amazon.

    Second, if you are still feeling generous… Go to You can donate to the author there. Whether he likes it or NOT. And I can bet Scott will take the money because there is no way he will let Evo keep it all to himself. Lord know Scott deserves it. After all, you can get the horror and gore we all love from him. Or we can get the horror of sucky crappy TV and movies that are out these days. I say cram some Bucks down his bloody throat. Let him feel the pain of our appreciation.

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