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Giant Stompy Robit Ju Tweedy

  • How the hell did I miss this? FREAKING AWESOME!!!

    Sadly I don’t have an orange colour unlocked at the moment, and it would cost me the best part of $7 to get one 🙁

    There’s a “The Machine” joke in here to be made, I know it…

    I’ve been playing Mechwarrior Online because I’m a fan of the Battletech universe as well as the Siglerverse. Probably due to the Superbowl they released a “Hero” Mech called Grid Iron with a specially themed paintjob. I had a muck about in the configuration, changed some colours around, and came up with this:
    Giant Stompy Robit Ju

    Thought you guys might appreciate it. (I went with Ju because I don’t have a Krakens orange to paint my mechs yet, and this paint job is pretty close to the Orbiting Death strip).


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