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GFL-the boardgame?

  • We can talk to my brother, who works a plastics prototyping shop and has for 20 years now. If he can’t do it himself, he can steer us to someone I think.
  • Sergeant and Fire Team Leader, X-ray company, DOMREC. The Patchman – get your DOMREC patches from me! UNdead Knight! King Vampire of Vampire Corp for Sigler (VC4S)! Pusher once, and now Pusher twice.
  • my first attempt at a sklorno from a chaos beastman. It needs some curing before I let my trusty dremel on it for detail work…

    sklorno again

    Rough sklorno

    Tyranid Hormagaunt brood looks like a great candidate for heavy modding, well at least the legs are sort of correct. Just need to do the feet, tail and entire upper body…

    There might be some people that don’t know the rules for BloodBowl. Here is a remedy for that:

    The Ki will be interesting to make playable. probably should be on a base that occupies two squares… the ultimate Blocker.


    I’d be down for this. Anyone want to volunteer, maybe from a rapid prototyping shop? Could be fund to see these bad boys.

    Abaddon, Baphomet, Samael, “that bitch who stole my wallet”… I am known by many names.

    Some slaneesh daemons would make good sklorno and Ogryns can deffinitely me modded to be HeavyG Humans

    Hi all!

    I’ve been thinking for some time. Listening to the rookie I got a bad itch to play bloodBowl, the Games Workshop game. But it is in the fantasy world and not scifi!!!!

    Should it not be possible to take the warhammer 40k figures or something and mod them to fit the GFL? Costs for team members should not be too impossible balance out?

    Well I throw the idea up here in the air and we’ll see how it lands…


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