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GFL Species Icons (for an unfinished web app)

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    That sounds like a good solution for now. Thanks!

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    @Zoot_the_Suit: I don’t know of anyone that has made icons of the species. I think you’re better off using abbreviations. Maybe something like, Ki, Hu, Sk, Qw, Hg, Pr?

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    Hello. I’ve been programming a GFL depth chart web application as a side project for a while. I’m still in the infant stages, but I have a decent mockup and an idea of where I want to go with it.

    I know that I there was a contest to create team logos, but I was wondering if anyone has ever made icons representing the different species. For the GFL Depth Chart, I’d need human, human(blue), Heavy G (male), Heavy G (female), Ki, Quyth (warrior), Quyth (leader). Am I missing any species or skin color?

    I still haven’t decided how big the icons should be, so SVG would probably be best until I can settle on a theme. Please let me know if you’re artistically inclined and would be interested in helping with something like this.

    If you aren’t artistically inclined, feel free to tell me how much interest you’d have in visiting an interactive GFL depth chart web application.

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