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GFL Series Paperbacks

  • Amazon now lists The All-Pro and The MVP as Oct 1, 2013. I imagine the store here would have the same date.

    Could I get an answer on this please. It is completely okay if there is a delay, I understand you all are busy. I posted this a while ago.

    Thank you

    I am simply curious on the release date for The All-Pro and The MVP in paperback. Originally they were slated to be released December 2012. That was postponed and I was told through Barnes and Noble that they would be released April 2013. Now that April is almost here, I decided to confirm the date but am now seeing on Amazon that they will be released the same day as Pandemic on October 1st, 2013.

    Can you please confirm the release date for me, it is unfortunate to expect something and wait patiently for the time to come, only to find out it has been postponed again.

    Thank you

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