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GFL Question

  • Tier 3 has 288 teams, and the NFL has 51 teams on 4 planets (Earth, Mars, Jones and New Earth) (Starter, Week 3). That chapter of the book has a lengthy explanation of how Tier Three is set up.


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    For some reason I have 50 in my head. But I could have dreamt that number since there were 50 pregnant cows in Ancestor. But 50 teams would mean 5 ten team conferences and that just seems “odd”. Or are there just the two original conferences (AFC & NFC) with 25 teams each- 5 -five team division? But then what conference would Moscow be in? And why am I spending my time thinking of this?p>What kills us, doesn’t make us stronger. /p>

    If they can skate, that is. In hockey, like football, you have different body types, but it’s not as pronounced. Wayne Gretzky is smaller and faster than Bob Probert, sure, but not as big of a difference as, say, Emmit Smith and Warren Sapp. The Sklorno’s speed would make them unstoppable to Humans or any other race. For the same reason, Sklorno dominate soccer.

    And go shuck yourself.

    I think Scott was going for a more universal audience (kids) and wanted to tone down the potty mouth. I agree with you and think it’s a bit ridiculous that GFL players and gangsters (sometimes one in the same) wouldn’t curse. Perhaps Scott’s therapist told him to think of a happy place, imagining himself in a New England seaport opening oysters every time he wanted to use a curse word.Tongue out

    Now that you have done a great job with the 2nd toughest sport played in the States why not expand to the toughest sport……HOCKEY and then you could actually start swearing again instead of powder puff synonyms you started using in The Starter. Doesn’t the “D” in FDO stand for Dark? What kind of Overlord uses words like “shuck”?

    I may be wrong in this, but didn’t I read that the Detroit Lions became the first NFL team to move their franchise off planet and leave the NFL? With that question if so how? This may seem a silly question but how do the Lions even exist in the Siglerverse at all anymore? With wasteland that is Detroit after the nuke made it a radioactive crap hole rather than just the crap whole it is now. At best for the Lions it was off season and the players were all out of town, I would think the players would then have a slight problem becoming a bunch of really big glow sticks. I don’t know about you but I think that if anything was left of the franchise it would have wanted to move away to another major city. Combat Cook

    i was wondering with the impending lockout in the NFL, have you contemplated having a lockout or the threat of one in the GFL? just curious.


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    One striking difference between the written description and the artist rendering is Sklorno feet (yeah, I notice little details like that). They are described as being large with a wide pad, but whoever did the artwork seems to really like “tripod” feet, because all the alien races seem to have them.

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    Hmm i hade a very different idea how they would look like especially the Quyth and the Sklorno. Shouldn’t the Quyth be more fuzzy? and the Sklorno look more like a cricket? Well well i guess that we all have are own opinion on the matter it gave me some more ideas how i should picture them next time i read or listen to the books.

    … the Siglerpedia. There are a couple of pretty good artistic renderings of the races (

    [flickr-photo:id=4872769926,size=m] • [flickr-photo:id=4872123139,size=m] • [flickr-photo:id=4933249630,size=m]

    I like most of the of the people that have listen to the rookie have an idea how all the races look.

    But I’m curious if there are any pictures of all of them so i can see if i imagined them right.

    Does anyone know were i can find that?

    K i might just be a moron or a lazy bastard (or both!) for not searching for it on the forum list but heres the question

    Wheres the game? Im holding my Xbox controller and i want to play GFL football. Have you ever considered it?

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