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GFL Graphic novels?

  • That Chapter 1 is great. I hope there is still a plan to complete this graphic novel then the other 2. FDO TM can you hear us? Please complete this and let us buy it dead tree version too. Thank you.

    that comic would look awesome colored in.

    Is it wrong to want them colored in? I can definitely see these as comic books … graphic novels!! The second I saw the color inserts in the 3 books … yeah! Very much so!!

    teaser we got a while back. Hopefully, we’ll get more eventually. *crosses fingers*

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    Dear FDO. Don’t I remeber you talking about a graphic novel of the Rookie etc? I looked around the site and don’t see anything. Did you actually say this or did I make it up? If I did, can you make a graphic novel of the GFL series? i would like that.



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