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GFL draft?

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    You rock on with your bad self, finaldrive!!

    This was an outstanding interview, not to mention an outstanding junkie collaborative effort to make it happen (for charity too). I listened to this with anticipation when you first posted it and now I am going to listen to it again, because I totally missed the answer to this question!

    Thanks for the insight!

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    Thanks to Rocktopi and the Crew who gave me the chance to do that interview. It was amazing and I owe you guys big!! JunkieCon 2011, beer is on me!!

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    I was lucky enough to get to do a 1-1 chat with Sigler a few months ago and that was one of the questions I asked. Here is the link to the site:

    He answers the GFL draft question at about 6:30.


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    There is a comment in The Rookie Where it is mentioend that Earth College football is sometimes considered “tier 4” But that’s cause the players there aren’t good enough to make it onto a tier 3 team. That means they need all that fancy book-learnin!

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    Unlike American football today, where the combines take place before the draft, the combine in The Rookie took place after the teams have alrady selected their players. Also the lower tiers don’t necessarily serve as a farm league, since wased up players can be pushed back to lower tiers. There also wasn’t a mention of college/university recruiting either. Maybe this will be answered in The Starter!

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    Remember, Gredok had to intimidate Steadmar so that he wouldn’t sell Quentin to the owner of the To Pirates. Fairly sure that whole scene was Chapter 1, but it might have been in Chapter 2.

    My question would be if you can come into the league any other way besides Tier 3. Can you walk on and tryout for a Tier 2 team?



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    I remember Quentin saying, at the begining of “The Rookie”, that he was upset he didn’t get picked up by a tier one team. so I think you can be drafted from tier 3 to either of the upper tiers.

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    Chick McGee, where are you?

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    I was just curious if the GFL has a draft system similar to what the NFL has today? And how does this system work with the Tier system? Does the draft only happen at the Tier 3 level with players progressively climbing the Tiers to tier 1 or can players be directly taken into tier 1? If so how are players included into the draft system as there really isn’t a college football system in place galaxy wide which would feed a draft pool? Is it that tier 3 and tier 2 players can enter into a general draft for Tier 1 teams? this might all be answered in the Starter of course but it really has me thinking about how that would work…

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