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German Cover Art & Release Date

  • Great pics



    You saw Shadygirl’s post. Some of you might just get Virulented for Christmas. You’ve been warned. And no, the H1N1 vaccine won’t prevent it. But it will make it taste better! (Everything’s better with bacon.)


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    Virulent @Mayersche Buchhandlung Essen/Germany


    Virulent by @scottsigler 2

    [flickr-photo:id=3906961376,size=s] KISS

    I dont speak much german myself, the cover and text are beautiful, I love the german language it’s just so damn awesome to speak!!(must be my inner german coming out.)

    The triangles look fucking devious in German.

    How did I not see this!

    Yeah, I guess I’m a bit high functioning. What can I say…I don’t like to be bored! 

    No problem. It has 668 pages and here are some quick shots:

    [flickr-photo:id=4168901167,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=4169664312,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=4169664888,size=s]  [flickr-photo:id=4168903083,size=s]  [flickr-photo:id=4168903609,size=s]






    btw:  Inserting images into this post is just not working for me..

    Would you mind posting some shots of the interior? I’m eager to see how it’s all formatted differently. Also, what’s the page count?

    I just received my amazon package with "Virulent" Laughing

    [flickr-photo:id= 4166255318,size=s]

    Virulent by Scott Sigler

    Just a friendly reminder for all who might have forgotten (as I feared last week), the book is due to release tomorrow, so today I’m off to the bookstore where I ordered Infiziert (aka Infected in German) to preorder it and maybe I may even spread the gospel of Siglerism a bit there.

    While I probably won’t read it myself, I already got two people (wouldn’t call them junkies yet) waiting to continue with the story they read in Infiziert.

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    hey listen, while you’re in the giving mood……ya know that pocketwatch that JP loves so much…… 


     I will have to figure a way to do something for you two!

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

    To go with the German copy of Infected you & JP got me. It would be great to have a matching set! 🙂

    "What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

    German ingenuity….once again.    I am fired up for Nocturnal….I remind myself of the Dewey character.  lol

    I am proud of the USA, I believe Christ died for our sins, I am an avid hunter, fisherman, gun enthusiast, athlete and hardcore Scott Sigler fan! 

    Love your books and listen every night. 

    other than managing the Wiki, posting to the forums here, playing your myriad video games, and being married (ok, not a hobbie, but it takes up a bit of free time. Innocent) ?

    I feel like such a stalker! I don’t even read German and I was trolling on the German  Oh well, everyone needs a hobby, I suppouse 😛


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    that is an awesome cover!

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    who designs the covers for the foreign language editions? Scott do you get a say?


    I AM not just junkie, I AM a pusher man & I AM Sadocks Tangent Brother.

    I’m on top of it.  Slick like Julie Andrews, but without the poisoned candies.  Check the Contagious page on the wiki too…it’s already there 🙂


    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

    I have a higher red version, was waiting for German publisher to tell me when it was up for order. But, your investigative skill foiled me! I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you meddlng kids! I will post when I get back from Balticon.

    Like the uber junkie I am, I was trolling on (German version of and looked up Contagious.  And behold, the cover art and release date were there.  The cover art is below and it keeps in line with the feel of the German language version of Infected (similar color scheme and background).  Click here to see the full information at Amazon

    I think it’s an interesting take but I’d love to hear what all you Junkies think.


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