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Gallows Humor & realism are so good.

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    -but it would have so appropriate, i decided not to

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    From what I recall, Abe Lincoln would start every cabinet meeting with a joke.  When asked about it he said if he didn’t laugh he’d cry. 

    It goes to show the humanity Sigler puts into the characters.  If the moment got to them too much the readers / listeners would scoff (like in teen horror movies), but that element makes one relate to the character and want to be that way in the situation.  The fact that it is fiction helps to pull it off without it being crass and ease the tension in the story a bit.


    Life’s a bitch, wear a helmet!

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    and that makes his books fun to hear/read.

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    In responding to the luke warm review from SF Chron. I realized why I love INFECTED so much. The gallows humor expressed by characters as they try to deal with the impossible. God how I love some of the dialogue in INFECTED! (and musical references). EMT’s, cops and other emergency people have a really wacked sense of humor because of the high stress and super human self control they must have in dealing with others who are all messed up. In a hospital alcohol program where people would leave, get drunk and show up in a week down in the morgue. We patients had a strange reaction to the sombor announcement by staff that yet another fellow traveler had shown up at the morgue. We’d all get together and sing: "…another one bites the dust! ‘o yeah, another one bites the dust!" I have had to learn to be careful who I share such stories with. People either laugh, or ask me if I’m in therapy for such bizarre attitudes!

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