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Galaxy Bowl result (Spoiler)

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    You know I’ve always wondered what would happen if a player died during the Superbowl. Of either team, although it would suck more if the player died on the winning team.

    It would be the most dramatic (as it happened in the book) if one of the QB’s died but most likely it’d be some anonymous special teams player who died during a kickoff return.

    I mean the Superbowl is suppose to be joyous, how does everyone handle that? Is the championship ceremony like a wake? And it sounds terrible but fans of the winning team would feel cheated their shining moment was marred by a death.

    I know that’s immature but it is how fans would feel. Conflicted between happiness over a man has died.

    The most annoying thing about it would be how everyone would be freaking out how dangerous football is as if it was something new. We know how dangerous football is we just ignore it, just because one player dying in the superbowl doesn’t change the overall statistics of how dangerous it is.

    Mostly it’s the perception.

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