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Future Thinking and clever people

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    I think we will go less in the way of natural parts and more in the way of Bio Tech. Look at the anime “Ghost in the Shell” (1989). Watch that anime and tell me you don’t see that crap happening in the near future or to a lesser extent now.

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    Whats interessting is that even an extra 25 years could make the difference between choosing a single partner or wanting a right of renewal after say 40 yrs. of course who would actually be interessted in signing up after the original lease expires.

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    i may love my wife, but i cant stand being around her for more than 12 hours at a time most times. i dont think i could stand being married for 125 years to some one. i would be going threw livers every other month by the time i hit 80 years old.

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    Hey Scott,

    Have you ever checked this dude out?

    He has a book called “The Singularity Is Near.” it has some ideas very consistent with the siglerverse of the future.

    Some ideas include: Human lifespan increased to 150 years due to commonplace use of body part replacement therapy. This leaves the question: “Would you propose to your wife if you new you would be with here for approx 125 years?” Or would you ask for a right of renewal after say 25 years..

    In essense the singularity is the point in time when computers have the same processing capability as all humanity. At that point any number of wild, crazy things could happen.

    Just thought I recognised the ideas of nano tech in your nanobots on the rookie and in some of the James Keeling stories… 🙂


    David Latham (sitedesign) PS: My username kinda sucks for a shout out or story inclusion. How do I change it to just my real name?

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