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Fun new Weapons!

this is one of the most powerful hand held weapons in the world. It can shoot up to 300 rounds of 12 gauge shells per minute. Deadly in close quarter combat. It is also capable of firing other projectiles including armor piercing rounds, high explosive war heads and fragmentation grenades. It is fully automatic and just plain lethal. Very nasty.

a hand held revolver that shoots shotgun shells(410 shot and slugs). Deadly at close range. It also shoots a .45 calaber cartridge which is deadly at any range. Every home owner should have one. Grey Wolf

I wouldn’t wish Pancreatic Cancer on anybody. #1 in pain? I can believe that. Incurable? Well, I’m still here, so I don’t know about that one yet.

  • As a game runner I specialized in traps that were sprung when the characters would nuetralize the magic, which was what was offsetting a little thing called gravity. 
  • Sergeant and Fire Team Leader, X-ray company, DOMREC.
  • Hits you and you develop pancreatic cancer.
  • Supposed to be #1 painful cancer and incurable.
  • (I had #2 painful, but curable) 
  • Hint: Morphine doesn’t remove all the pain, but who cares?
  • Sergeant and Fire Team Leader, X-ray company, DOMREC.
  • Use a human EMP.  This is not a stun gun.  While it will use an electrical pluse, it would not leave any sign that it had been used.  The pluse would freeze a person’s muscles to the point where they wouldn’t even be able to see for the duration.  Our muscles react to electrical impluses sent by the brain, if those impluses are disrupted or changed then our muscles won’t work right.   Just a though outside the box. 

    "I kill people, I don’t murder them, look it up Sweats!" Agent Celie Booth

    In last nights episode of Fringe there was a computer virus going around that when people watched it their brains were liquified and poured out of their face orifices.  Maybe a new way for the hatchlings to communicate and take out key targets. 

    "I kill people, I don’t murder them, look it up Sweats!" Agent Celie Booth

    use an octopus like a throwing star.


    that could be cool and then the ink could be changed to poison and kill on contact. 


    After I read about the effects on the human body, I figured that Scott could write a pretty gruesome death for somebody in one of his stories. Like me. *COUGH COUGH* 


    You don’t understand. I’M not locked in here with YOU. YOU’RE locked in here with ME. – Rorschach

    seriously dude. but modifications to the good old weapons are acceptable, like a revolver that shoots episodes of nocturnal at you. a quick way to get a fix

    fluxx stop posting that thing bout how many muscles to give someone the finger. even my arch enemy proved you need more realistically and for the weapons thing, just stick with the good old fashioned revolvers and shotguns duude what else dya neeed apart from those weapons and ure * weekly * fix

    Only the most powerful commercially produced handgun in the world.

    " It takes 46 muscles to frown but only 4 to flip ’em the bird."- anon

     ice pick gun, or ice pick that do what they say; coated in liquid nitrogen so that it freezes the wound but not anything else so that youcan see through your hand.

    "What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…"- me

    "What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…"- me

    it doesnt nesseceryly(to damn lazy to spell) have to be real 

    "What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…"- me

    "What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…"- me

    It’s a 5 shot revolver than can fire .410 gauge shotgun shells and .45 calibre rounds. Scott would have somebody use it in horrible ways. And probably smile while telling us all about it, in gruesome detail.

    If you are not the intended recipient of this comment and are reading it, you, sir/madam, are in for it now. Armed goons are on the way.

    Street Sweeper Magazine fed shot gun. Lawn Jart. Sawz All

    “Shakespeare said pretty well everything, and what he left out, James Joyce, with a little nudge from myself, put in.” Brendan Behan

    hmm being pulled inside out.. wasn’t that done in the film ‘Society’? fun film hehe.. always wanted to be a dustman/refuse collector, just think how much fun you could have drugging people and letting them wake up inside the truck only to be crushed by the machinery.. wonder how long you could get away with it for hehe.. how about a 3phase pressure washer with an oscillating jet? we used to have 2 on the farm here and you could skin rats with them, stripped the fur right off.. maybe we should round up and burn all non junkies and solve the energy problems by fuelling everything with people woohoo

    I have this great giant barbecue spatula with serrations on one side and spikes on the the other, 2.5 feet long and weighs about 1.5 pounds. I think it would do a good job in a pinch in case of a zombie attack. Other fun tools are the ball-peen hammer and a pruning pole. I’m a big fan of blunt weapons so I should also mention escrima sticks, nunchakus and for the true bad-ass a three-piece-staff as seen in Shaolin Master Killer. For the medically inclined any sharp weapon heparinized, the defibrillator, and a small explosive in the “sharps box”.

    Love these things. If you ever see one check out the little yellow warning sign that shows a figure being torn to pieces. Hilarious!

    I Plan to use them again both people, and the giant lizard-things that are killing everyone.

    Really……… Who or What do you plan on using yours on in your book? sounds fun.

    Well, they’re being used in my book, but you’re all free to use them.

    1. A large grenade-launcher sort of gun that propels a large canister into the air, which then splits into a series of approximately 500 6-inch long needles spaced about 3/4 inch apart, which are then launched forward as a wall of spikes. When they all collide, they emit an electric current, stunning the target, if it isn’t already dead by mass-impalement.

    2. Rifle-like object, when the barrel is put to the ground, it emits a sonar-like frequency, any thermal objects detected are tagged and tracked by the gun, when the trigger is pulled, small spikes burrow underground, find a target, then ascend up and impale the target.

    3. A pistol which shoots large spheres, like small tomatoes. When they impact with an object, claws protrude from the tip of the sphere and burrow into the object, then detonate.

    roger zelazney had a novel where there was this machine that turned things inside out. was cool how he described what happened to a person who got sent through it (one of the bad guys)
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I’ve been told that if you are in a situation where you have to slaughter an octopus really quickly the surest way to kill the creepy ass sea thing is to turn it inside out. So why not apply that to people. You know, insides become outsides and all that. Messy but funny.

    Savaged by rabid squirrels.

    How about a contest called electro-grab? People strap on metal wrist and ankle bracelets and stand at 1 end of a corridor. They grab hold of a couple of hand holds. The wall at the other end of the corridor has long horizontal spikes coming out of it. On the other side of the wall with the spikes is a really huge electromagnet. It gets switched on and the winner is the person who holds on as long as possible. Every one else is impaled. A lot. You could even take bets on things like who will win, how long it will take and so on. Hrmm, perhaps I should patent this idea.

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    Damn, I’m always late on these things. I think it could be gross and painfull if done right.

    I think they’re making a movie where a guy uses an air compressor to kill people.

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    Our Science teacher told us how to make it and then did a demo of it, was pretty neat.

    How bout a sharp impliment on the end of and air hose that you can ram into someones abdomen and pump it full of air slowly. I should be pretty painfull all that pressure on the heart, lungs and everything else then you could even turn it off, let the pressure off then go at it again. you could use a smaller one on other body areas. you could inject it into the head out side of the skull just to watch the bubbles form and burst. with the abdomen the skin would eventually stop streching and it would tear, slowly or even burst. I’m betting they wouldn’t die imediately, unless there heart or lungs burst in the process, then you could go to work on them in some other fashion. you can set the air pressure up or down depending on how fast you want it to flow into them.

    I’m totally gonna see the Johnny depp one this christmas..

    Like the riffles in the rookie, remember the one guy who had to cut off his leg to keep it from eating his whole body.

    the pnumatic compactor thing that the guys resurfacing roads use to flatten the tarmac

    “They don’t want to help you, they want to kill you!”

    How ’bout ‘death by tractor?’
    I still get the heebies remembering a tractor safety class from high school. A pto shaft will snag loose clothing and wrap someone up in it in a New York Minute…they end up looking like a little twisted piece of licorice.
    I also knew a guy who died when working on a grain truck. It’s bed was lifted up so he could work on the hydraulic lift, but it crashed down on his head.
    Oh, and grain augers will take chunks off in a blink…
    Hey, and I haven’t even started talking about livestock yet…
    The fun of rural life…

    Original Junkie, and Sigler minion, just doing my part to Infect the world.

    Like a potato peeler?

    Original Junkie, and Sigler minion, just doing my part to Infect the world.

    I thought they made that up for The Secret World Chronicles until my kid showed couple of youtube videos that show what thermite can due to a can due to a car.

    taking off just a little at a time…….? sounded like I was advocating death by an over the hill stripper. I like that idea even better.

    I’d like to see someone get chopped up by a power trencher. That’d be sweeeeeet.

    Just thought of this one, Thermite would be great, burns holes into almost anything.

    Surely a theremin can be used in some way to torture and then kill some Goth schoolgirls


    Infra-sonics, Ultra-sonics, and Time Reversed Radio waves”TRRWs” are nasty things to get hit by. If any of you have free time, do some research that Tom Bearden, Henry T Moray, Nicholi Tesla, and Faraday have done in this areas.

    something that moves very slow…. taking off just a little at a time.

    Ok so its not a new weapon but I just want to hear that someone was bludgeoned.

    damn straight! after getting two teeth pulled and 9 crowns (need 4 or 5 more) i absolutely tremeble at the thought or mere mention of the dentist
    the voices refuse to speek on the subject
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    They took over leaving you helpless, just aware and observing. I was hoping for something happening with the hemorrhoid creme idea. I like the idea of something very benign and then it begins rendering the literal crap out of you. How about an internal time bomb, implanted at birth based on an aliens caste or class status. When the workers don’t pull thier weight …. BAMMM !

    you do that and you will ruin my only lasting fantasy, oh, wait, that will make it better……………
    the voices have spoken
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Terrifying all by its damn self

    he did that already
    and the voices liked it
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Chains with hooks on the end hooked onto each part of your body and slowly being pulled in different directions.

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    Something that makes a person feel like the are in the can’t stand up part of a flu with a hangover, wearing a catheter, having the dry heaves with the sound of your boss asking do you think I’m an idiot over and over again as a Techno song. Something that will not kill you but will so make you really really wish you were dead. And after that it gets bad.

    Or to kill by hitting with Magnus’ teeth, you know with the jawbone on an asshole

    Nano Killers. Like in Rookie, only instead of repairing the body part, they can enter, target and destroy. They can be inhaled, or injected, even absorbed through the skin. Are your Eye drops contaminated? How about your Nasal spray? Hemorrhoid Cream?

    And now for something more ethnic and obscure.

    An oosik, a part of a walrus sometimes used as a war club by some northern peoples in Canada.

    Let’ er’ Rip Tater Chip

    A Dried Bull Penis from someones odity collection or a chiniese drug store?

    a gun that shrinks people to death would be cool…. for any of you older junkies that remember the 4th DR the Master had the Tissue compressor eliminator or the TCE…helluva way to die

    If you kill someone you want to use something that makes you get up close and personal to them that way you can look into their eyes as they die. I’m thinking something like a shank or a shive. But if you looking for something less homemade how ’bout a drywall saw. They look like a a small tree saw. Also a utility knife works well in a pinch.

    Wing it 3D has done the School girl thing and it is almost as scary as you.

    There is something to be said for the simple elegance of a nice heavy hammer.

    Burn ’em to a crisp…

    I think Scott should write in some Goth Schoolgirls! The slutty kind! Oh wait, I am Scott …

    all good choices.

    screwdrivers, fangirls, pencils, poison soaked paperclips, pointed ladies footwear, lava lamps, junkies armed with chicken shears, powerful steroes playing the greatful dead (though that might be too cruel), blowpipes with crack overdoses, or just plain blowtorches…
    i don’t know, just stuff to cause a shitload of pain.

    If you have a new weapons scott can use in his books, post it here.

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