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Fuck You 49ers

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    Man – I _loved_ the game, even as a 49ers fan. My personal feeling was that the wrong calls were made on those final 4 offense downs. (Plus, I would’ve gone for a fair catch on the free kick and seen if Kaepernick could get it in the endzone, rather than trying to run it back).

    @Wesleyan_Hendrix – I’d love to see the physics of taking a field goal on the moon, and how hard it would be to actually hit the moon, given the gravity situation….

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    As a die-hard, life long Seahawks fan, yes…I agree 100% with the title of this thread. 😉

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    Ahh welcome to Tennessee’s world from many years ago. At least you didn’t have a field goal kicker who couldn’t hit the damn moon if he was on it. Now the whole team are just a bunch of choke artists and they suck, and I watch everygame and wearing team clothing right now. Everyone around middle Tennessee keeps saying who and what we need to draft, but I say,”Oh really? Is Jesus in the draft this year?”

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    @Pedo_In_A_Dress: Reallty? You didn’t want your ‘Niners to come within one play of winning the Super Bowl? I have to imagine you had quite a thrill watching them come back from that deep deficit.

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    I would have prefered the pre poweroutage blowout. Getting the score close and that 1st and Goal on the 5 yard line in the 4th made my loins quiver in pain.

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