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Found a way to pass on the Postcards

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    I actually printed lots of them and leave them on buses and on the streets and the others, I send them out to my friends.. Post Card Printing Services

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    I also have used the postcards as bookmarks. On my recent trip I handed out a couple of the postcard to people who wanted to know what I was reading. The book cover and postcards are a great way to start a conversion.

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    I’ve been vandalizing, uh, I mean spreading the word of Siglerism by cleverly placing stickers on lightposts, mailboxes and various other outdoor surfaces as well as in a couple of subway stations and a restaurant bathroom. As for the postcards, I like the random library book idea. I’m going to borrow that. I’m going to leave them on streetcars and on the subway too. My work is far from over.

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    I stick themin random books at the library…..

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    Thought considering I go almost nowhere with lappy, it’s pretty useless…

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    so of coure when I am asked about what I’m reading I can hand them a sticker or postcard.  The book cover has really gotten a lot of attention.
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    I carry a laptop with me almost all the time, therefore my laptop has the infected sticker on its lid. If anyone sees the sticker and thinks it looks interesting they can look it up. My way of spreading the teachings of Sigler

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    I left my last mugging victim $20 and told him if he didn’t buy the book, I’d hunt him down and demonstrate one of the more creative scenes. Snip, snip!

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    Anybody else have ultra-creative ways to spread Siglerism? 

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    I’ve been doing something similar… shipping them out in orders placed with my business and I’ll probably save a few to pass out at the next show we go to.

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    Scott and anyone, I found a way to pass out those Infected postcards. Since I do a lot of eBay business I’ve been packing them in with the stuff I sell. Besides that I have been actually mailing them out to friends and family. I figured it might be cool to send them out anonymous to friends and family plus co-workers.

    Also Scott I bought the book and reviewed you at Amazon, hope everyone else did too.

    Take care,

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