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Forum Subscriptions…

  • I’ve been getting my notices, but yeah it doesn’t say anything about Scott in the address/”From”name field. Mine are from “drupal”.


    FYI: there is still an issue with E-Mail delivery to comcast email accounts. This should be fixed by the end of this week.

    Duh, I decided to clean out my gmail box, and all this crap from drupal … All fixed, dumbass (Dan)

    Hey dan, just tested it out, forum subscription works on my end, I will say, check your spam box, mine initially went there, and it should be from “drupal” or “” and the subject will be [Scott Sigler: Bestselling Horror Author and Failed Pimp] thread subscription update for danield :Example Forum Thread X

    drupal being the content management system Robbie Trencheny monitors this site with.

    Good luck!

    Forum Subscriptions are not working, would be nice to get a notification of an active subscribed thread.

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