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Formatting in Posts

  • I seem to have had some initial success by changing the setting at the top of the account page (rich text MCE, or something like that) Good advice gents! Thanks!

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    Formatting test

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    I’ll look into the HTML filters. We are stripping various html tags from the users posts, otherwise this place would look like geocities in late 90s – (can you spell <blink> 😀 ).

    I’ll just make sure that basic stuff like Bold, Italic, Underline and Lists are working.



    -clicking disable rich-text under the text box should allow you to enter formatting

    signiture line:

    on your account page, click the edit tab and about half way down the page is where you edit your signiture

    Maybe I’m just a tech tard, but I can’t get any formatting to remain in my posts.  When I type, I can see my statements I’ve bolded, made italic, etc. but once they post, the formatting is gone.  Related, under my account, I can’t type anything in the field to generate a default signature.  Are there some settings I’m missing that’ll allow this?  I’ve even tried using the appropriate html formatting tags since they’re allowed.  Instead of creating the desired format, they just appear in the text as typed.

    Anyone know what I’m missing, or what’s wrong? 

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