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For sale: DragonMoon paperbacks, signed hardbacks

  • @jtmanis Most folks don’t come here anymore. Check out the Sigler Junkies group on Facebook. That’s where everyone seems to hang out nowadays. LOTS of new Junkies who’d love to get their hands on the first three for sure. Not sure about the CONTAGIOUS hardcover.

    If all else fails, eBay them. If you want to stick with OJs who still visit this site, I also began a “Junkies selling to Junkies” thread a while back for situations exactly like this. Use it if you want. I happened across this when searching for the tattoo thread…..



    Hey everyone, it’s been a long (and I do mean long) time since I’ve been on here. Years, probably. I’d hoped to never make this sort of post, but losing my job and school’s financial aid, and then having my basement start flooding daily has caused me to reconsider some things. I know some of these are considered ridiculously sought-after so I figure it’s worth a shot. I guess message me on here if any of you are interested. If you’d like pictures, message me.

    -DragonMoon Press: Ancestor and Earthcore paperbacks, both in great condition for their age and how much they’ve been read. Earthcore has a small crease in the cover where it was once folded, but all of the cover art is still fully intact.

    -The Rookie, signed hardback #45/3000. Inscribed to me, but I’m sure someone might still want it. This pride and joy of mine has been kept on a bookshelf ever since I got it as a birthday present years ago. Pristine condition.

    -Contagious hardback, signed. Won this in some online competition where you had to describe the craziest thing you’d do for a signed copy. I forget what I submitted, but it was pretty dumb but apparently good enough. Woo? No special attributes for this thing, it’s just signed.

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