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For Firefox Chickenfoot users

  • it would be gin: the preferred adult beverage in the Rookie Universe…and mine! (We’re also always malaria-free!)

    – Verveces tui similes pro ientaculo mihi appositi sunt. (I have jerks like you for breakfast.)


    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    If i were about flexing my skills I would rather go freeclimbing or something. Look, I develop all day and night, usualy stuff in Java or .NET (Currently a lot of custom development for the Microsoft Sharepoint Server). Flexing my skills in PHP? Don’t make me laugh 😀 It is about 5 years ago I finished my last PHP project. Started developing PHP using PHP 2 btw. I REALLY had enough of it.

    Why should I waste my free time reinventing the wheel? Open source is meant to avoid such timeburners.

    Sorry, could not resist 🙂



    Yeeah, I’ll have whatever JP is drinking.

    Now cast your chickenfeet, some dice and a few bones on the table, next to the drippy candle and scull. Don’t let the cat jump up there and steal any of your chicken leftovers–they still smell like chicken, even after a good boiling. Say all the appropriate gibberish, and be sure to make it sound either Cajun or Caribbean. Once you do all this, well, then I guess you’ve done it. Now grab a cup of coffee, that sweet gal by your side, and go do something that’s not obsolete.

    – Verveces tui similes pro ientaculo mihi appositi sunt. (I have jerks like you for breakfast.)

    Oh man, you gotta start from scratch! Make it a completely original work. Creating a theme starting with completely blank php files is the best way to flex your skills!

    It also makes attribution less cumbersome. So when you’re showing your portfolio, you can say that you designed the work … rather than "oh, I took someone else’s design and modified it."

    Here is what Zen’s description says:

    Zen is the ultimate starting theme for Drupal.
    If you are building your own standards-compliant theme, you will find
    it much easier to start with Zen than to start with Garland or
    Bluemarine. This theme has fantastic online documentation and tons of code comments for both the PHP (template.php) and HTML (page.tpl.php, node.tpl.php).

    It is not like this would be my first theme I adapted for drupal. Right now there are very few good boilerplate templates. Zen is definitely one of these.



    Rather than recycling someone else’s work … there’s drupal developers out there who’d love a shot at developing a sweet theme for  😉

    So now, paste in the script into your chickenfoot window and then click the "Triggers" tab.

    You’ll see a "Plus" sign.  Click there to create a new trigger with this script.

     In the section that says "when pages match:"  type in "**" (without the quotes!).

    Every time you visit a scottsigler page, you’ll get the new links and the issue with the editor goes away.  :-))

    Chickenfoot lets you rule the world(wide web).  I have scripts for digg and google that gets rid of ads and lets you open a bunch of google search results all at one time. 

    cool. Sorry I take it back with the whole obsolete thing.but do i have to run the script everytime I refresh a window or when I post a comment and go back to the thread?

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    I have installed this chickenfoot and now what???

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    bookmark siggz home-page (or another site like u-tube) and drag the bookmark into the bar under the addressbar and you have a quick-link to any web page you want Laughing

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence to a lemming?

    they’re only going to walk off a cliff.

    This is indeed very useful, I’ll have a look if I can adapt this feature using jQuery only.

    I was also thinking about implementing this site theme once again based on one of the more recent ZEN themes, this one would allow dynamic sidebars without tinkering the margin sizes. 



    I wouldn’t have spent 30 minutes writing it if it was obsolete.

    it’s a bit obsolete now since we can now manually close the boxes.

    And BTW i don’t understand a single thing of what you typed below: Enjoy!

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.


    So this is going back to the topic someone mentioned a while back about the right navigation bar being too busy, flashing, taking up room, etc.  I wrote the script below for the Firefox Chickenfoot extension.  This script will place two new hyperlinks on the top navigation menu: "Right" and "Left".

    Clicking these will hide/show the right and left navigation bars, giving you more room to read/work.

    This script also removes the horizontal scroll bar that shows up in the editor screen when you’re trying to make a post or reply.


    // ==UserScript==
    // @name SiglerSiteFix
    // @when Pages Match
    // @includes **
    // @by ext237
    // ==/UserScript==
    function $(v) {
    try {
    if (v!=null)
    if (document.getElementById(v)) return document.getElementById(v)
    else return false;
    } catch(e) {
    return false;
    function h(v) {
    if (v!=null) {
    var targ = null;
    if (v['target']['name'] == 'rightBtn') targ='right';
    else targ='left';
    if ($(targ).style.display=='none') {
    if (targ=='right') $('center').style.marginRight='210px'
    else $('center').style.marginLeft='210px'
    } else {
    if (targ=='right') $('center').style.marginRight='0px'
    else $('center').style.marginLeft='0px'
    var menu = $('nice-menu-1')
    var Btn = document.createElement('a');
    Btn.addEventListener('click', h, false); = 'rightBtn';
    Btn.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Right') );
    var rightLI = document.createElement('li');
    rightLI.className = 'menuparent menu-path-node-00';
    var Btn = document.createElement('a');
    Btn.addEventListener('click', h, false); = 'leftBtn';
    Btn.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Left') );
    var leftLI = document.createElement('li');
    leftLI.className = 'menuparent menu-path-node-00';
    if ($('mce_editor_0')!=false)
    var e = $('mce_editor_0').contentDocument;
    var eb = e.body;'0';

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