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Football related- Can you destroy a Legacy before you retire…for good.

  • I’ve loved Sci-fi stories since I first learned to read. My library consists of 90% science fiction, mostly books from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. I honestly think that Scott is the best sci-fi writer I’ve ever read, for the most part because he seems to be the only writer that remembers that it’s the science that makes science fiction, well, science fiction. That being said, if Scott decided to write novels about sparkly vampires or a pop-up book about magical fluffy bunnies, it wouldn’t change my mind. I would definitely think a bit differently about him, but my opinion of his "legacy" wouldn’t change.

     Michael Jordon made an ass of himself by trying to play baseball. His legacy is still viewed by most as being one of the greatest athletes ever. Not just a basketball player, but athlete. Michael Phelps got busted smoking pot. Legacy intact? Probably. Pete Rose bet on his sport. Legacy intact? Probably not.

     It seems that in order to destroy your legacy, your ‘bad’ act must substantially outweigh your ‘good’.

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    In my opinion, fans are not really concerned with His Legacy (Favre-centric), they’re more concerned with the tainting of their memories of him (fan-centric), and the emotional response that comes with those memories.  Subtle difference, but it’s there.  Instead of saying "Brett, don’t do this to yourself", they’re really saying "Brett, don’t do this to me."  If he were concerned with his legacy (his thoughts and meomories of himself) he might have done things differently.  Or… maybe to him, this is the legacy he wanted.  It is, after all, his to do with as he chooses.

    I’d say its akin to a band like Green Day having a huge following, then making it big and being called sellouts.  The old fans are pissed because thier memories of the band "back in the day" are now colored by this hugely popular super band.

    In the end, I doubt it will mean anything in the grand scheme of things but will just be a footnote to his career. I’ve got no problem with the guy wanting to play.  I had a hard enough time walking away from sports in high school; I can’t even imagine what it’s like to walk away from something you’ve spent decades of your life pursuing. 
    Had he gone the Jerry Rice route and kept playing until a team had no use for him, there would be no problems.  But his drama queen antics have soured a lot of people.
     When he’s done playing the game, however, and his name is on the ballot for the HOF, all of that will be forgotten and people will only remember his accomplishments on the field.

    Many people remember what they see last.  So  in the case of Farve many Fans wanted to remember him as the gun-slinging QB of the Packers who loved the cold and would laugh in your face during the month of December.  That was supposed to be his legacy. Not wearing a purple uniform, throwing temper tantrums, thinking the world revolves around him, changing his mind, etc.  All of those things are now in the minds of the fans and does tend to tarnish his reputation.  It changes the legacy that the fans had in their minds of Farve.  I’m not necessarily saying that is right or wrong I’m just saying that’s how I perceive it. 

    Now with regards to the FDO – Scott is a hard core science fiction writer.  That’s why I buy his books.  Now if he starts writing some nonsense about sparkly vampires………  Well………  Again, not saying that sparkly vampires are right or wrong but it would forever change how I perceive of the FDO.

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    With the FDO being a huge football fan I was wondering where people really weigh in on something like Brett Favre. I recently lost my mind about people saying Favre is a loser and he is destroying his legacy. Yes, thats right his legacy. Now I wonder what it really means to people to have a legacy and what it takes to destroy it. I know people are upset that he is a Viking, and people are mad that he keeps unretiring, But I am not talking about that, What does a legacy mean to a fan and what would it take to destroy it?

    Will people turn on The FDO if he ever turned out some soft core porn touchy-feely Fabio pictured book? Will that destroy his legacy as being one of the Fathers of the podcast, selfing pimping, author, turned New York Times best selling author? 

    Bottom line can you destroy a legacy before father time finally sacks your ass?

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