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flickr error when editing profile

  • When I am editing my “Account settings”, I tried to update the “Comment settings” information and received this flickr error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function flickr_user_find_by_identifier() in /var/www/modules/flickr/flickr.module on line 231

    Even if I make no changes on that edit page, and press submit, I get the same error.
    If I clear out the information contained in the “flickr” text box, the error goes away, even though the flicker username in the box is valid. At this point, I can make changes to the profile successfully.
    If I put the flickr username back in, I get the error again. If I use the email address associated with my flickr account, I get the error.

    My guess, flickr.module is hosed, brutha.


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