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    Dragon on the Rise

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    ALONE…..My unit gone….just me for a little payback.I don’t know how long I’ve been in this shithole village somewhere in Iraq….They hide in the daylight, and hunt at night…They are smart, not like us, but more like a wolf pack, and there is a alpha male. Our eyes have crossed, and It’s him or me. I hate these things so FUCKING much that I’ve been thinking of diffrent ways to kill them. The BEST so far has been the flashbang gernade. The “eyes” have just started to open. Ambushed that bastard, and when the flashbang went off , OH how it SCREAMED…pure music to my ears…I shot it in the face with my .45 point blank. Blood everywhere, so what i’m already infected, and I want to look at these things CLOSE up. I get a good look at all the eyes, and know that this thing is not man made…..Well the next idea is to use the thermal scope, and have some target practice…the eyes are opening, and soon there will be more……

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