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    I was face to face with the Infected, somewhere in Iraq…I opened up on the first Zombie Infected Host, it went down like a ton of bricks…out of no where another charged me….I nailed that son of a bitch with the butt of my M 16…knocked it’s ass down for the count….I was not done yet, it tried to get up (half of it’s jaw was just hanging there) I pulled out my K Bar and stabbed that FUCK multipule times in the chest and neck…Bad thing is, the Infected blood was all over me…almost 20 years later ,the Doctors tell me that I’m dying…My last blood test had a triglyceride level of <500..The doctors won’t tell me what the fuck is wrong with me, except that I’m a goner..Dr. Sigler what is wrong with me?..I guess I’ts too late 4 me now…Semper Fi.

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