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First Ancestor Redux listen

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    Hey! It’s great that you went back and gave it another try. Each time you re listen or re read, you will find more and more links. Keep up the good work Junkie!

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    You know I was skeptical at first because i listened to the final episode and didint recognize the new names and kinda just shrugged it off. Recently I stared listening to the rookie series and when I finished that I decided to give the ancestor remake a go after I listened to the infected books (I did read the hardbacks though).
    It was different but after listening to the contagious Q&A and scott said that all the stories were in the same universe I decided that I didnt want to miss out on part of the story line, although I do wonder if nocturnal is part of the universe.

    The new names caught me up for one or two chapters but I got used to it. The sabotage of the first lab surprised me and I was tricked up.
    The way P.J. knew Sarah was a cool plat twist as well.

    Well thats as far as I am so far and already I think I will try and find a New copy of ancestor now and I will probably add to this later, peace.

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