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finished the 3rd book

  • Yep! I was cussing the FDO. I’m tempted to change the 5 start rating to a 1 star rating just to repay the evilness. Mwaaahahahahahaha

    Particularly after talking all that smack about not leaving us cliff-hanging like the evil Hutchinssssss.

    Very rarely do cliffhangers make me want to curse the author loudly and at much length….this one did. I mean really, how could he do that to me! And without being able to immediately satisfy my need to know what happened immediately! The FDO’s birthday present to me is to end the madness and send me The MVP…its shipping just a few weeks before my birthday, so that’s my gift.

    Yeah I’m super pissed I have to wait for September to see what happens.

    Well I finished the third book and what a cliff hanger. For those who haven’t read the book I will not say anything about it. But those who have read and the book on a scale of 1 to 10 rate the cliffhanger. I give it 10 a 10 I still got wood. lol

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