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Finished CONTAGIOUS! Just wondering, though…

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    You ever been in Chucky Cheese…and safely made it out?!

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    They’ve been around for a while.  Children of the Corn, Exorcist, Omen, the Shining…I could keep going.  Not to mention that J-Horror brings us a whole new tier (the killer ghost girl like The Ring and the game FEAR).  There’s something about an evil child that strikes a root.  It’s like we can’t imagine it, and yet we can.

    Besides, Chelsea > Rex any day.  She wanted to destroy humanity.  Rex just wanted to let his people experience freedom.

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    Kid’s are the most evil there is. You ever been in a Chucky Cheese? 


    I like Sigler’s use of kids as the evil ones so that in the end the hero gets to kill them in fun and brutal ways. Laughing 


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    Don’t forget the youngsters (and most everyone else) from nocturnal eating people for fun. However, it seems to me that he doesn’t fear kids as much as see them as a fun plot twist to give you nightmares about the kid next door.

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    First off — **SPOILER ALERT**

    LOVED "Contagious".  Read it in a day, in one epic marathon involving an IV drip and an adult diaper.

    Between the events in Contagious and the events in Nocturnal, though, I am wondering if General Sigler doesn’t have some deep-seated issues revolving around fear of children.  Rex in Nocturnal uses his power to act out his childhood fantasies and punish adults.  Chelsea uses her power to to make her own mother suffer via spanky-spoon (and worse). 

    Is this subconscious, bro?  Did you watch ‘Children of the Corn’ and ‘The Omen’ too many times?  Do you need to talk to someone?

    We worry!

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