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F*&ing great *sigh* Thanks Sigler

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    That’s a perfectly normal reaction. Ya see, whenever a man (or boy) hears another man hit that high of a pitch, we naturally assume that his wife, girlfriend, significant other, etc. has him by the nut sack and applying the Kayla Myers method of discipline. Makes me freak out and cry every time.

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    Is to make everyone freak out and cry… the stories are just a way to suck us in while he experiments on his techniques.
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    Way to go Scott.

    Your son obviously knows good stuff when he hears it

    I think my favorite Story So Far included this line and a kid reading it. He got to the if you are easily offended part and I was ready for my ears to bleed and the kid said, “Then turn it off now… silly.”

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I need to get a video of it, he gets pretty excited….except for like episode 36 or 37 when you went falsetto after the intro, it freaked him the hell out and he started crying LOL.

Anyway, at least he has good taste! 🙂

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Scott’s a teacher! Yeah, that’s the ticket.


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    What a smart cookie!
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    if that is his first word. What a smart, young junkie, lol. x3

    The power of Siglerism is indeed strong.

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    A little background before I get into the post:

    I’ve got a 3 year old son with severe developmental delays, no diagnosis though. Not talking/communicating only rudimentary, and just started to walk 4-5 months ago, and in short bursts.

    Well picking him up from school and taking him to various therapies was a good time to get caught up on Sigler, it’s been quite a while…I think Ancestor was just starting when I stopped listening for a while. Yeah, it’s not for kids, but with my kids Sensory Input issue and delays, really no harm no foul. He’s not going to start reciting how Ancestors were eating their way out of cows, or asking why he doesn’t have a Ruby dick.

    So this past week, I’m finishing up on Ancestor, and I start to notice he gets a bit excited during the intro, before the 4 minutes of Fury. AND I NOTICE….that during the TURN IT OFF NOW PUSSSAAAYYYYYY!!!!! He makes a sound that is DANGEROUSLY CLOSE, okay not really, he could be saying ball for all I know, but the fact that he says this RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME EVERY PODCAST….makes me laugh…yeah I shouldn’t. But if his first word is PUSSSSAAAAYYYYYYY, I’m coming to the office of doom and having words….I don’t care if it’s my fault for listening with him LOL.


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